Her voice got my attention.

I just wasn’t sure where her lovely, soulful voice was coming from. Or whose voice was making me smile.

After landing in Memphis, a friend took me to my hotel. I had time to rest before my weekend of events started.

But I heard her voice as I entered the hotel. I took my luggage to the room then walked aroIMG_2444und to follow the music.

The live concert was outside. The music was clearly Memphis.

My plans for the afternoon changed. Why read and study and rest when music was near the hotel?

I listened, smiling. Ruby Wilson, The Queen of Beale Street, sang, inspiring. Her voice made the songs come alive. And made me fall in love with her songs and Memphis and the afternoon.

When she finished singing I had the honor to meet her. We talked. She told me her story. She wanted to know mine.

When our time together ended, our conversations didn’t. I’m thankful for the honor of those talks. Even more after hearing the sad news of her death.

I’m also thankful we can continue to hear her voice. I wonder what song she’s singing now.

Her voice still has my attention.