To the songs, the birds, the vehicles, the music, the conversations, the machines, listen.

To the food ordered at meal time, the umpire calling balls and strikes, the fans cheering, the planes flying, listen.

To the piano, the guitar, the harmonica, the drums, the voices, listen.

To the silent thoughts, the simple prayers, the kind words, the gentle smile, listen.

Listen to the good today. Not just the bad. Do not only hear hate and division and bitterness and greed and pain. Hear forgiveness. Hear acceptance. Hear kind disagreement instead of hateful separation.

Listen to a need. Act to meet it.

Listen to a prayer. Agree with it.

Listen to a dream inside you. Pursue it.

Listen to luggage from your past. Release it.

Listen today. To Him and them. To you and me. To nearby and far away.

Listen. Today.