He is Father, Creator, Sustainer.
He is the beginning and the ending.
The one who sculpted the hearts of
every person ever to live and move.
He is the breath in our lungs.
He is the divine architect,
the ultimate and supreme being.
He is holy, blameless and self-sufficient.
He is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent.
He is just and right,
unable to be in the presence of sin.
All that has ever been and ever will be,
He is.

He is the Son of the One True God,
our perfect example.
The Savior of a broken and damned world,
the only one holy enough to stand in the gap.
He is our mediator,
the only one worthy to speak to the Father.

He is our sacrificial lamb,

the only one pure enough to take our place.
He is the obedient one, the selfless one,
the one who walked in our shoes taking the punishment

never meant for him. He is the solid rock,
unmovable and unquestionable.
The picture of God the Father on earth.

He is the Holy Spirit, our revelator, the helping one.
He is our constant guide, our conviction, our peace.
The one who hides nothing but willingly and patiently
guides and advises those who listen.

He is the personable one,

the wind in our sails,
the fire in our souls.
He is the calm within
when the world around rages on.