“I would love to. I just don’t have the time.”

“If I only had more time.”

“There’s no time in my busy schedule for that.”

“It’s a good idea, but there’s no way I could make it happen.”

Have your heard those comments?

Have you stated those comments?

I have. And I have.

We are busy. Our schedules are full. Calendars carried in our pockets carry us from task to task, duty to duty, habit to habit. Surrounded by devises constructed to save time, we invest more time using those gadgets. We have more things and spend more time because fewer items are now needed. I’m not an expert in math, but that doesn’t seem right.

Let’s process ourselves. At least for a few brief moments, let’s look at how we spend time.

Glance back through the first five months of 2021. Peak back at the last month, then the last week, then your typical day.  Survey what you see. Inspect how you spend time.

My recent review revealed positives: goals I’ve accomplished, work I’ve completed, dreams I’ve pursued, risks I’ve taken, conversations I’ve cherished, rest I’ve welcomed.

That same audit divulged concerns and raised questions. I stopped staring at the whats and began asking myself, “Why?” Why am I doing this? Why is that such a priority? Why do I spend that much time on those tasks?

Good questions to ask myself.

Good questions for you to consider asking yourself.

Don’t overthink it, though. Find a restful place and look at an imaginary picture of yourself. In your office. In your home. In your car. By your desk. By your friends. By your family. Think about what you are doing. Ask yourself, “Why?”

The conversation with myself helped me. I believe that type of conversation with yourself could help you, too. It can help keep us from prioritizing things which don’t really matter, and help us keep what’s important as truly important.

Choose today to make time to investigate why you seem to have no time at all.

Choose today to make adjustments so you can do what you do for the right reasons, and also get a little rest along the journey.