April is #NationalPoetryMonth. Here is one is the poems from my new book, “embracing now.” Also, subscribe to the YouTube Poetry Network and watch the video of today’s poem.


the miles and the hours 

miles between us 

hold potential for division. 

weeks between conversations 

contain power for separation. 

but not necessarily. 

logistically, geographically, 

i’m not able to smell the 

food you’re eating 

at your table for dinner. 

i’m not able to feel the 

wind blowing your way 

as you walk from the 

parking lot to your office. 

i’m not able to notice the 

mood you’re revealing 

through facial expressions, 

tone, eyes. 

we are apart. 

many miles apart. 

we haven’t talked 

for many weeks. 

but, so far away, 

you’re still nearby. 

we’re still close. 

why? how? 

distance of space and time 

doesn’t equal separation. 

togetherness is allowed 

no matter miles between 

or time apart. 

modern technology 

offers various methods 

of tapping figures on a device 

and sending you my words. 

nouns and verbs and images 

deliver moods and confessions 

to you. and you 

respond, in techno-dialogue 

which offers an option, 

not stealing the value of 

face-to-face time 

but flinging possibilities 

our way. 

to say those words 

in some way, 

in any way, 

and maintain 

the conversations. 

still living, 

undivided, united, 

moving through the miles, 

making hours and minutes 

important for us, now.