Welcome to “Poetry for the Summer.” Today’s blog is from my book “a slow and sudden God: 40 years of wonder.”


words spoken or written, 
intentionally or unintentionally, 
and released. 
words heard or read, 
passively or aggressively, 
and received. 

words captured, carried, cast away.

words caught, canned, 
kept in place. 

words for now. 
words for then. 
words for us. 
words for them. 

influential, compassionate, aware. 
contemplative, aggressive, unsure. 
words, describing and defining, 
revealing images into many minds, 
releasing experiences 
into many hearts. 

welcome words. 
learn from, 
love with,
live in words. 
speak them when needed. 
think and rethink them correctly. 
edit them mentally 
before releasing. 
let them heal rather than hurt. 
let them gently open doors 
rather than slamming shut. 
work a craft of respect, humility, 
courage, hope, 
dreams, care, compassion, 
and positive influence 
through words. a world is being changed by them. 
we are part of that transformation. 

i pray our words offer health 
rather than harm. 
i pray our words alter the course 
of damage and turn 
toward recovery. 

deep care. 
kind words. 
positive change.