changing300Another Day Along the Way

Monday, September 29, 2014


Another day,

When I see Briana Kay, I smile.


Briana doesn’t always smile. Her life isn’t always easy. Her health doesn’t always cooperate. Her hopes and dreams don’t always become realities. But, more often than not, she does smile.


A recent note she wrote about my book Changing My Mind brought a smile to my face. I appreciate her kindness and her encouragement:
Pastor Chris,
Your book, Changing My Mind, has changed my mind about how I see myself in having Cerebral Palsy. I used to feel alone and thought no one knew what I was going through. Then I read your book. Even though you don’t have CP, it still comforted me in a way, knowing that someone else that I knew had a disability and could relate. Even talking with you, you’ve helped me see that there’s more to me than Cerebral Palsy. That there’s a Briana in there somewhere. You’ve helped me realize that I can be normal and do things that anyone else can do. So, I’m proud to say that I have Cerebral Palsy and share my story. Thanks for helping me through that. God bless and much love!
Love, Briana Faith Kay


I hope we call can learn from Briana. From her smile and her voice and her kindness. I hope we are all willing to accept our conditions and share our stories.


Thanks, Briana, for your encouragement to me. Thanks for your encouragement to so many people.


Along the way,
Chris Maxwell


Pause: I need to rest during a hurry and smile for a moment, surprising myself by being amazed at life itself. (Pause for Pastors: Finding Still Waters in the Storm of Ministry)