Chris: Thanks for our time together in December. I loved the food and our conversations.

Russell: Me, too. It was a rare blessing to be able to meet over a meal again. I look forward to the next opportunity.

Chris: Tell our readers about your mission work through the years and what you are doing these days.

Russell: My wife and I left the USA to begin our mission adventure in 1984. After a term in Europe, we moved to Japan in 1989, where we have lived since. Our work here has involved church planting, university campus outreach, leadership training, and mentoring Japanese pastors. Since 2002, I’ve served in a supervisory role helping to direct IPHC mission work in a number of countries in Asia. My current title is Regional Director for Continental Asia, where I oversee mission activity in a dozen countries. I enjoy working with missionaries and national leaders, helping them to fulfill the call of God in their lives and to reach their nations with the gospel of Christ. 

Chris: I’ve enjoyed reading each of your books. What’s your latest?

Russell: It’s called 40 DAYS WITH PAUL, the third in a series of devotional commentaries taken from passages of Scripture.

Chris: What do you hope readers get out of this book?

Russell: I hope they come to appreciate the mind of Paul the theologian, the passion of Paul the pioneer missionary, and the heart of Paul the pastor. I hope they gain a better understanding of Paul’s motives and purposes in writing these letters to churches and individuals. Most of all, I hope they hear the Lord speaking to them personally in every daily devotional.

Chris: Thanks for your endorsement in my upcoming book. My new book brings key life guidelines which help me find hope and healing during these crazy times.

Russell: So many people have experienced upheaval in their lives and families and churches, as the world they once knew has changed in so many ways. The proven, personal guidelines you share in the book will help many regain their balance and get their bearings. I’m glad you managed to carve the time out of your schedule to write the book.

Chris: How can people pick up copies of your books?

Russell: The new book is available directly from the publisher here: 

There is a Kindle version available on Amazon. 

My previous books are available from LifeSprings:

Chris: Thanks again for your writing and your friendship. Any closing thoughts?

Russell: Thank you for your friendship, Chris, and for the positive influence you have on so many lives on campus and in the church. I hope we can have another meal together in the not-too-distant future.